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Episode 274: Subscriptions and Methane

Episode 273: Gencon 2017 Live!!!

Episode 272: Gencon 2017 Pre-Show Special

Episode 271: The True Cost of Designing and Farming

Bonus Episode 62: B Sides 08/02/2017

Episode 270: A Perfectly Normal Episode

Bonus Episode 61: A Codenames Conundrum

Episode 269: The Copac Decimal System

Bonus Episode 60: IDC 2017 Head Judge

Episode 268: Kid Convo and War Of Fight

Bonus Episode 59: IDC 2017 Judges

Episode 267: Pink Walleye Minnow Perch Crappie

Episode 266: Origins Recap and Ordinary Socks

Bonus Episode 58: IDC 2017 Contest

Episode 265: Haba Haba Haba Vonnegut

Bonus Episode 57: IDC 2017 Announcement

Episode 264: Support and Conquest

Episode 263: The Time Of Our Lives and Grilling

Episode 262: The Grand Gamer’s Guild’s Grand Gaming Adventure

Episode 261: The Wolves Are Back Again

Episode 260: Recent Favorites and Bozo Bowling

Episode 259: Builder Questions and Toothy Terrors

Episode 258: Idaho No You Da Trivia Master

Episode 257: I Blame Florida For This One

Episode 256: I Don’t Even Know Where To Begin…

Episode 255: Specialness and Clocks

Episode 254: New Mechanics and Hidden Seeking

Episode 253: Unpub 2017 Recap

Episode 252: Rob and Friends at Unpub 2017

Episode 251: Roll and Write and Aquanauts

Episode 250: Technical Difficulties and Then This Happened

Episode 249: Jon Gilmour and Games as Art

Episode 248: Builder Q’s and Construction Blues

Episode 247: Old and New and Unfortunate

Episode 246: Unpub Update and Exploratory Surgery

Episode 245: Controversy and Horror

Episode 244: Game Combat and Aging Dragons

Episode 243:Player Counts and Alien Lineups

Episode 242: Your Moderator Chris in the House

Episode 241: Unpub 2017 Prep and Out of the Bag

Episode 240: 2016 Year in Review

Episode 239: Digital Tables and X-Mas Days

Episode 238: Useless Boards and Black Friday

Episode 237: Decent Advice and Deductive Moustaching

Episode 236: Play the Player and Solo Spying

Episode 235: Take That and Mine Karts Again

Episode 234: Good Themes and Autumn Leaves

Episode 233: Upkeep and Un-Dice

Episode 232: Matt Loomis and Drafting Heroes

Episode 231: Josh Mills and Looping Mafiosos

Episode 230: Gamify Your Life and Shop in the Bargain Bin

Episode 229: Dinner Parties and Wavy Lines

Episode 228: Hat is Like a Dice Game

Episode 227: Engine Failure and Philosophic Escape

Episode 226: GrandCon 2016

Bonus Episode 56: Unreal Estate Kickstarter Part 1

Episode 225: No Poke Calls and Wedding Planning

Episode 224: Waiting and Estating

Episode 223: Stealing and Fyres

Episode 222: Decisions and Weather

Episode 221: Voicemails and Storms

Episode 220: Gencon 2016 Recap

Episode 219: Gencon 2016 Live Show

Episode 218: Gencon 2016 Pre-Show Special

Episode 217: Lotsa Players and Anime Farming

Episode 216: Dexterity and Shoguns

Episode 215: We Go Places in This One!

Episode 214: Thematic Complexity and Scottish History

Bonus Episode 55: Football Contest Winners

Episode 213: Fiddly Bits and Breakfast Clubbing

Episode 212: Driving Home From Origins 2016

Episode 211: Origins Prep and Gas Giants

Episode 210: Tardiness and Books

Bonus Episode 54: 2016 Iron Design Challenge Pre-Show Part 2

Episode 209: We’re Sorry About This

Bonus Episode 53: 2016 Iron Design Challenge Pre-Show Part 1

Episode 208: Larping and Battling

Episode 207: No Eliminations and Trapping Flies

Episode 206: Builder Questions and Treasure Trouble

Episode 205: Flip Florey and One Great Game

Episode 204: Announcements and Football

Episode 203: Driving Home From Unpub 2016

Episode 202: Driving to Unpub 2016

Episode 201: Hella Umbrella and a Final Unpub Update

Episode 200: Lightning Pitch Extravaganza

Episode 199: Vacuum Ideas and Stringy Sails

Bonus Episode 52: Saloon Tycoon Kickstarter Ends

Episode 198: Info Tracking and Atmo

Episode 197: Blizzard Warning and Galactic Scrappers

Bonus Episode 51: Saloon Tycoon Kickstarter Part 3

Episode 196: Turtle Trivia and Building The Band

Episode 195: Evan Derrick and Graphic Design

Bonus Episode 50: Saloon Tycoon Kickstarter Part 2

Bonus Episode 49: Saloon Tycoon Kickstarter Part 1

Episode 194: Tone, Mood, and Pressure

Episode 193: Evergreens and Phone Booths

Episode 192: Proto Processing and The Astrogate

Episode 191: Contest Woes and Drafting Drafters

Episode 190: Bad Sound and The Emergency Room

Bonus Episode 48: Smithereens Playtest 2

Episode 189: Reviews and Delivery Beasts

Episode 188: Stealing and Grandfather Axe

Episode 187: BTG 2015 Year in Review

Episode 186: Contractual Stress and an Unpub Checkup

Episode 185: Helping Noobs and Elder Warriors

Episode 184: Boards and Smithers

Episode 183: Altered Reality and Bridging Bridges

Episode 182: One More Thing and Stick Fighting

Episode 181: Not Movement and Shipwrecks

Episode 180: Comments and Humours

Episode 179: Travel and Masks

Episode 178: Kids and Turtles

Episode 177: A Look Back

Episode 176: Replayability and like Mario Kart But Not

Bonus Episode 47: GrandCon 2015 Pitches

Episode 175: GrandCon 2015 Recap and a Broken Tower Game

Episode 174: GrandCon 2015 Live!!!!!

Episode 173: Copyright Infringement and Robut Cowpukes

Episode 172: Deadline Stress and Marakesh

Episode 171: Groovin’ and Gamin’

Episode 170: Game Shows and the Penguin Mythos

Bonus Episode 46: Playtesting Grids and Graves

Episode 169: Dropin’ It and Cubin’ It

Episode 168: Trailing Thoughts and Marching to Death

Episode 167: Gencon 2015 Recap and Gamer Gardening

Episode 166: Gencon Live Show 2015

Episode 165: Gencon Prep and Sound Effects

Episode 164: Listen Sometimes This is Difficult

Episode 163: Jason is Sick So This Happened

Episode 162: Builder Response and Swagger Dag

Episode 161: Builder Response and Delicious Fish

Episode 160: Kittens and Communications

Episode 159: Winning Headlines and Carnival Grids

Episode 158: Reality and Failure

Episode 157: Trolling and Trees

Bonus Episode 45: BTG CCG Playtest

Episode 156: Rippin’ Rules and Robbin’ Forts

Episode 155: Croquet and Molemen

Episode 154:Topic Problems and More Cubes

Bonus Episode 44: BTG CCG Design Session

Episode 153: VanRyder Tycoon and Baby Board Venturers

Episode 152: Epic Monster News and Tricking Heroes

Episode 151: Penny Press and a Tabloid Party

Bonus Episode 43: Moshi Moshi 2nd Playtest

Episode 150: Holy Crap 150 Shows OMG!!!

Episode 149: Restrictions and a Grab Bag

Bonus Episode 42: 5th Street Bankruptcy

Episode 148: More Players and Speedy Ghosts

Bonus Episode 41: Moshi Moshi Playtest

Episode 147: Poison Players and Mushy Moshi

Bonus Episode 40: Smithereens Playtest

Episode 146: You Can Skip This One

Episode 145: Kick Shippers and River Mighties

Episode 144: Pinchback and Riddle

Episode 143: Boob Cats and Smithereens

Episode 142: UNPUB 5 Live!!!

Episode 141: Builder Comments and Kid Logic

Episode 140: Balancing Spreadsheets and Speedy Records

Bonus Episode 39: Gencon 2015 Housing Registration

Episode 139: UNPUB Prep and Fantasy Racing

Episode 138: Moles and Hats

Episode: 137: New Resolutions and the Wolves Return

Episode 136: Sexy Bits and Bigger Fish

Episode 135: 2014 Year in Review

Episode 134: Perfecter Games and an Impressive Display

Episode 133: Kicked Starts and Micro Fights

Episode 132: Gold Bricks and Bob’s Bodega

Bonus Episode 38: Finish it! Finished!

Episode 131: Two Three Four and Custard Pie

Episode 130: A Political Struggle and Four Doors

Episode 129: Making Amends and Pilgrim Tailors

Episode 128: Trading and It Went Downhill From There

Episode 127: Probabilities and Human Sacrifice

Episode 126: Depression and a Dinner Party

Episode 125: Time Crunch and a Fast Pitch

Episode 124: Voicemail Extravaganza

Episode 123: GrandCon Recap and Cutting Keys

Episode 122: Cutting and Cyber Cybers

Episode 121: Happy Endings and Turning Tricks

Episode 120: Pay to Win and a Rip Off Dice Game

Episode 119: Engagement and Censored

Episode 118: Iron Brunos and Deep Crevasses

Episode 117: Gencon 2014 Recap and Fjorded Fords

Episode 116: Live at Gencon 2014

Bonus Episode 37: Gunslingin’ Publishers

Episode 115: Gencon 2014 Preshow Special

Episode 114: Travel Games and Soda Kings

Episode 113: Rob Returns and Beavers are Dammed

Episode 112: Chris Copac and Igloo Warfare

Episode 111: Jason Kotarski and Pool Parties

Episode 110: More Questions and Bombed Beets

Episode 109: Questions and Magic

Episode 108: Origins Recap with Andy Lenox

Episode 107: The Road to Origins 2014

Episode 106: Selling Stuff and Idiots at the Museum

Episode 105: Recycling and Zoo Animals

Episode 104: Emergent Stuff and Booboos

Episode 103: Packaging and Valiance

Episode 102: Addiction and Hunchbacks

Episode 101: Rocket Wreckers Memorial and Card Game Simulation

Episode 100: 100 Episodes and ALL THE PITCHES!

Bonus Episode 36: In a Hail of Bullets Playtest

Episode 99: Contest Winners and Bendy Critters

Bonus Episode 35: Epic Monster Tea Party Playtest

Episode 98: Jason Tagmire and Z-Mankeyz

Episode 97: Water Balloon Washout Postmortem and Spinner Challenge

Bonus Episode 34: Picking Up Water Balloon Washout

Episode 96: Milwaukee Blues and Another Hailstorm

Bonus Episode 33: And Out Come The Wolves Playtest

Episode 95: Scales and Tea

Episode 94: Being Done and Punk Inspiration

Bonus Episode 32: Gunslingin’ Ramblers Playtest

Episode 93: Tactical Maneuvers and Medieval Innkeepers

Bonus Episode 31: Train Heist Playtest

Episode 92: Dumb Days and Donut Dollies

Bonus Episode 30: Rocket Wreckers Playtest

Episode 91: Pretty Buttons and Graphic Design

Bonus Episode 29: Max Temkin Interview

Episode 90: Scott King and Bountiful Tableau’s

Episode 89: Rumplebum Postmortem and Plowing Snow

Bonus Episode 28: UNPUB 4 Interviews

Episode 88: UNPUB 4 Recap and a Pretty Placemat

Episode 87: Co-Designs and Zombie Racers

Episode 86: Phil Kilcrease and His Kickstarter Wisdom

Episode 85: Sick Beats and Solo Experiences

Episode 84: 4X Beavers and No Zombies

Episode 83: BTG 2013 Year in Review

Episode 82: Legacies and Paratroopers

Episode 81: Prototypes and Toy Stores

Episode 80: EXPLODING BEER and Other Stuff

Episode 79: Humor and Palindromes

Bonus Episode 27: Geeta Games Live Show

Episode 78: Person Reflection and Burning Bridges

Episode 77: New Perspectives and Camp Blood

Episode 76: The Circus and The Battle Box

Episode 75: Depth and Elevators

Episode 74: Expectations and Guns.Blazin’

Episode 73: Feedback and Freefall

Episode 72: Mitigation and Medgadz Monsters

Episode 71: Split2nd Games and Clandestine

Bonus Episode 26: GrandCon 2013 Game Designers Panel

Episode 70: Sparks Games and Loopty Loops

Episode 69: Interlopers and Troll Cakes

Episode 68: Open Dreams and Perpetual Drafting

Bonus Episode 25: Maelstrom Playtest

Episode 67: WBW Kickstarter Postmortem and Maelstrom

Bonus Episode 24: Gencon 2013 Podcasting 101 Panel

Episode 66: Gencon 2013 Recap and Fortress

Bonus Episode 23: Gencon 2013 Game Designers Round Table Part 2

Episode 65: Game Designers Workshop Gencon 2013

Bonus Episode 22: Gencon 2013 Designers Round Table Part 1

Episode 64: Live at Gencon 2013

Bonus Episode 21: DEATHMATCH

Episode 63: GenCon 2013 Pre-Show Special

Episode 62: Breakdancing Battles and Toilet Warfare

Episode 61: Trading Time and Transylvanians

Episode 60: Custom Pieces and Mood Altering Dice

Episode 59: Stock Options and a Weak Challenge

Episode 58: Custom Dice and Dead Salesmen

Episode 57: Danny Devine and Grotesque Genetic Aberrations

Episode 56: Epic Subjects and Ancient Aztecs

Episode 55: Pointless Goals and Wreckin’ Rockets

Bonus Episode 20: Sandbox Showdown Playtest

Episode 54: Miniature Ideas and Sandy Boxes

Episode 53: Leveling Up and Pegasuseses

Episode 52: Hands Eyes Explorers

Episode 51: Shave and a Haircut and Jason Kotarski

Episode 50: Changing Phases and Messed Chess

Bonus Episode 19: Grant Wilson Interview

Episode 49: Last Words and Terrifying Tikis

Episode 48: Hidden Agendas and Fractured Arms

Episode 47: Brian Liberge and Ante

Bonus Episode 18: Grandcon Interview

Episode 46: Newbie Variants and Grand Goats

Bonus Episode 17: Frankenstein’s Legacy Playtest 2

Episode 45: Scenarios and Suprises

Bonus Episode 16: Snowball Fight Playtest

Episode 44: AJ Porfirio and Wing Leader

Bonus Episode 15: Frankenstein’s Legacy Playtest

Episode 43: Wealthy Tricks and Balls of Snow

Bonus Episode 14: Jeremiah Lee Interview

Episode 42: Upkeep and Tyrannosaurs

Bonus Episode 13: Potent Potions Playtest

Episode 41: Magic Potions and Pure Hate

Episode 40: Scrapyard Catz and Frankenstein Reborn

Bonus Episode 12: Shame Playtest

Episode 39: Chevee Dodd and Smart Drafting

Episode 38: Pencils and Hay

Episode 37: Escalated Tensions and Hibachi Mystery

Bonus Episode 11: John Moller Interview

Episode 36: In a Hail of Grids and Noir Based Movement

Episode 35: Pushed Luck and Tricksy Bigfeet

Bonus Episode 10: Splitters Playtest

Episode 34 : Annisa Jones and We are the Robots

Bonus Episode 9: Augmenters Development

Episode 33: Pretty Patterns and Augmenters

Episode 32: Odd Men and Splitters

Episode 31: BTG 2012 Year in Review

Episode 30: Grant Rodiek and Insurrection

Episode 29: Dirty Money and Standing in Line

Episode 28: Theme Free and a Conspiracy

Episode 27: Sand Timers and Filth

Episode 26: Building Patterns and Space Probes

Bonus Episode 7: Ross Payton Interview

Episode 25: Teamwork and Slenderness

Episode 24: Board Modularity and Pinball Wizardy

Bonus Episode 6: Cops VS Mafia Development

Episode 23: Secrets and Frankensteins

Episode 22: Cops and Robbers and Aliens

Bonus Episode 5: Tower Building Game Playtest

Episode 21: Electronic Gimmicks and Tall Towers

Episode 20: Ain’t No Shame in a Contest

Bonus Episode 4: Conservator VS Developer Playtest

Episode 19: Tree Huggers and Counting Cards

Episode 18: Second Winners and Fair Food

Episode 17: Interview with Flip the Table

Episode 16: Deadly Combat and Summer Camp

Episode 15: House Rules and Tattoos

Episode 14: Abrupt Changes and Wild Frontiers

Bonus Episode 3: Gencon Interviews Part 3

Episode 13: No Wins and Severed Fingers

Bonus Episode 3: Gencon Interviews Part 2

Episode 12: Gencon Interviews Part 1

Episode 11: Gencon Pre-Show Special

Episode 10: Whiskey Shots and Tragic Loss

Bonus Episode 1: Damsels in Distress Playtest

Episode 9: Perfect Information and Distressed Damsels

Episode 8: Interview with Chris Kirkman from Dice Hate Me

Episode 7: As Season of Love and Zesty Breakfast Burritos

Episode 6: Beautiful Monsters and The Barter System

Episode 5: Sand Boxes and Mini Golf

Episode 4: Interstellar Wormholes and Delicious Fudge

Episode 3: Bike Messengers and Diggin’ Graves

Episode 2: Action Movies and Outlaws

Episode 1: Pilot and Zombies