Tower Building Game

Tower Building Game 2 player game (potentially 4 players) Players take the roll of real estate developers trying to build the most profitable skyscrapers.  The game features worker placement, hand management and piece stacking mechanics. At the start of the game … Continue reading

Conservator VS Developer

In this two player board game, one player takes the role of the Conservator, trying to build locations that earn money based on the nature of the land and the other plays as the Developer who tries to build up businesses that destroy the land. The … Continue reading

Fair Food

2 to 6 players.  Players are visitors who have gone to their local county fair for one reason:  To eat as much terrible fair food as possible. Game components: 1 game board featuring 5 food vendors and a medical tent. … Continue reading

Camp Troublemaker

Camp Troublemaker (Temporary Title) Imagine your back in the days of your youth attending another summer camp.  Good times running around, playing games, swimming, hiking, learning skills and most importantly, pulling pranks! A board game for 2-4 players Players vie … Continue reading

The Tattoo Game

The Tattoo Game (working title) 2 to 4 players.  Players are tattoo artists competing to get as much of their ink on the customer as possible.  It uses simple “Play a card, Draw a card” mechanics to lay down tattoo … Continue reading

Wild Frontier

It’s the late 1800’s and your family has moved to a small settlement in the far reaches of Alaska. You must help your family and the entire community thrive, if you stand any chances of surviving your first three years there. … Continue reading

Shop Class

Shop Class is a dice game for 2 to 4 players.  In the game, players compete to build as many projects in their high school wood shop class as they can.  Each project much be assembled from different parts, which … Continue reading

Gunslingin’ Ramblers

A card game for 2-4 players It’s the Wild West and you’re a whiskey drinkin’, poker playin’, gun fightin’ cowboy.  You’re trying to outwit all your opponents at cards and in gun duels all well knocking back more shots that … Continue reading

Damsels in Distress

Competitive, Cooperative or Solitaire card game for 1 to 4 players The sinister Baron Totter Von Fink is up to his old tricks again!  He’s kidnapped dozens of innocent maidens and put them into increasingly bizarre and deadly predicaments simply … Continue reading