Bigfoot Game

Bigfoot Game Players are sasquatches teasing bigfoot hunters for fun.  They must alternately dare each other to do certain things, then when the player ends the dares, he tries to pull them off.  If he succeeds, he earns points for … Continue reading

Bonus Episode 9: Augmenters Development Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSBTG on iTunes In this episode we discuss Jason’s pitch for the game Augmenters, meant to be part of Rob’s OSC System. Augmenters OSC System and Splitters     … Continue reading


-{Augmenters}- This game is designed as part of the OSC System that Rob designed. In this 2 player board game players assume the role of Augmenters, people who add steampunk attachments and weapons to human fighters and then control them … Continue reading


/Splitters/ Splitters is a steampunk-themed card game for two players.  In the game, players take on the role of talented mechanics who compete to hack complex steam-powered machine computers known as Difference Engines.  They hack these incredibly complicated constructions by splitting the flow of … Continue reading

Conspiracy Theory Game

Conspiracy Theory Game  In this board game, each player controls a team of “Researchers” who are “experts” in their fields.  Their goal is to sway public opinion in their respective fields.  The game ends when a player can max out … Continue reading

Filth Ranch

“The Filth Ranch” You are a college student living in an apartment with your friends.  You have affectionately nicknamed your apartment the “Filth Ranch” because of the garbage that has accumulated.  But the one day your landlord calls.  He’s coming … Continue reading

Space Probe Game

Von Neumann Probe Game 2-4 player card game Contents: 300 Solar System Cards 8 Home System Cards 52 Probe Cards (13 for each player) Concept: The goal of this game is to gather as much Dark Energy as possible.  The … Continue reading

Slender Man Game

The Slender Card Game 2 to 4 players.  Players take the role of investigators looking into the legend of the Slender Man.  In the first half of the game, players are using cards to perform their investigation, gaining information and … Continue reading

Pinball Board Game

2-4 player board game Components: Quad fold board 20 Decks of 5-10 cards 5 D6’s 4 player markers Description: I wanted to design a board game that revolved around Pinball.  My hope was to capture the feeling and play of pinball … Continue reading

Frankenstein’s Legacy

Frankenstein’s Legacy 2 to 4 players Frankenstein’s Legacy is a deck building card game.  Players take on the role of ethically-challenged scientists in the 1970’s who have discovered the journals of Dr. Henry Frankenstein.  They are now competing with each other … Continue reading