BTG Iron Design


The Iron Bruno

Every year people gather in secret at Gencon to watch as two game designers engage in the mental equivalent of a steel cage match. Those selected are among the finest designers in the world.

Don’t believe us? Read these quotes from people involved with the event or check out the videos below.

“Winning the BTG IDC was by far the biggest accomplishment of my life and really helped prove that I am the real genius behind Ridback games.” – Ben Pinchback 2014 BTG IDC Champion.*

“Failing to win the BTG IDC was a turning point in my life. I credit Rob and Jason and their true mentorship to me as a loser with helping me climb from a crappy game designer to that of an mediocre one.” Joshua Josh Mills 2015 BTG IDC 2nd Winner.* ^

“I am an incredibly humble and important game designer, so important I could never compete and instead had to be a judge and still, I totally overshadowed Bruno Cathala.” TC Petty III, 2015 Judge.*

2014 BTG IDC

Head Judge: Stephanie Straw

Additional Judges: Jason Kotarski and Matt Riddle

Contestants: Ben Pinchback VS Andrew Lenox

1st Annual Iron Design Contest: Gencon 2014  Ben Pinchback VS Andrew Lenox

2015 BTG IDC

Head Judge: Bruno Cathala

Additional Judges: Andrew Lenox and TC Petty III

Contestants: Jason Tagmire VS Joshua J Mills

2nd Annual Iron Design Contest: Gencon 2015  Jason Tagmire VS Joshua J Mills

2016 BTG IDC

Head Judge: Jonathan Gilmour

Additional Judges: Joshua J Mills and Nate Daugherty

Contestants: Ryan Cowler VS Isaac Shalev

3rd Annual Iron Design Contest: Gencon 2016 Ryan Cowler VS Isaac Shalev

*All the quotes on this page are completely fake. No one says stuff like that in real life.

^ Also It’s Joshua Johnson Mills, Johnson comes from his proud South Carolina Heritage.