Building the Game

Join Rob Couch and Jason Slingerland as they take the journey to become first time game designers.  On each episode we talk about games we play, game mechanics that we love and pitch our own game ideas to one another.

Sometimes we even bring in other game designers to talk about their endeavors and experiences in getting their first games published.

In the process of creating the show we agreed upon the core values that show would represent.  We do our best to live by those in every episode we produce.

Core Values:

Transparency: We will be open about all aspects of our game design process.  Even when it means showcasing our failures.

 Accessibility: Help to make the process of designing and publishing a game easier to understand and more attainable for first time designers.

Timeliness: Stick to a weekly schedule to ensure that it’s easy for our audience to know when and where to find our content.  This also serves to motivate us as designers.


The Building the Game Podcast is a co-production of Imminent Entertainment and Poorlydesigned Studios and is published every week.