Episode 150: HOLY CRAP 150 SHOWS OMG!!!

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Intro and Welcome:

Let’s talk about beer!

Whatcha Been Playing?

Rocket Records

Feature of the Week:

When are we done with this show?

Practicing the Pitch:

Rob Takes a Grab Bag Pitch Challenge.

Iron Design:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZrx_ySiN7E




Episode 150: HOLY CRAP 150 SHOWS OMG!!! — 1 Comment

  1. Hey guys! So I’m new to the super depths of the board game hobby, but really glad to be getting involved with it. That led me to looking for board game podcasts and yours seemed to be one of the most interesting. I listened to this 150th episode and decided that I might have been listening to a beer podcast lol, but continued listening and enjoyed what I heard. I have now started listening from the beginning on up to episode 12 plus the two bonus episodes that you had up until that time. Just thought you all should know I’m enjoying the show and am grateful for the hard work you all have put in over the past several years.