Episode 138: Moles and Hats

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Intro and Welcome:

The Unpub Crunch Begins…

Whatcha Been Playing?

Rob has been playing: Dominion

Jason has been playing: Tap Titans

Feature of the Week:

A Pitch Challenge

Practicing the Pitch:

Rob Pitches a Hat Man Game


Episode 138: Moles and Hats — 2 Comments

  1. Hey there,

    I found your podcast today and I really enjoy it.
    I’ve been trying making own board and card games for about 5 years now as a hobby. And though I never finished something (I often don’t like my games after some play tests), I’m still really into it. For me it always very interesting to hear others speaking about their thoughts and especially how they encounter doubts through the process of making the game – becaue I always have those a lot.

    And good thing for me is, that there are already so many episodes to listen to. So I’m going to catch up on that now. Thanks for this great podcast!