Episode 114: Travel Games and Soda Kings

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Intro and Welcome:

Ugh, Gencon is so soon.

Whatcha Been Playing?

Rob has been playing: Epic Monster Tea Party and Innkeepers

Jason has been playing: The Beat on the Street

Feature of the Week:

Travel Games

Practicing the Pitch:

Rob pitches Soda Kings


Episode 114: Travel Games and Soda Kings — 1 Comment

  1. Just finished listening to Soda Kings pitch, I love the idea. I live in Canada, and while I was visiting family last week we were at a greasy spoons breakfast joint and they had Vernors.

    They still make Ski soda, http://www.double-cola.com/product/ski/
    The website has a find a retailer mapping application.

    As a kid, I loved Tahiti Treat, and Wink (grapefruit soda). I also like pineapple flavored Crush, very localized to certain areas and hard to find.