Episode 101: Rocket Wreckers Memorial and Card Game Simulation

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Intro and Welcome:


Whatcha Been Playing?

Jason has been playing: Dungeon Village

Rob has been playing: Settlers of Catan and Parade

Feature of the Week:

Rocket Wreckers: A Memorial…

Practicing the Pitch:

Rob Pitches a game about Card Game Simulation


Episode 101: Rocket Wreckers Memorial and Card Game Simulation — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Guys, The comment I made before was on the play test episode for And Out Come The Wolves. I’ll be more specific in the future 🙂

  2. Card Game Simulator: The Card Game sounds like it has a lot of potential, though maybe that has something to do with how sparse it is.

    The way I thought the game would work when Rob started describing the components was that as you played cards you were actually adding mechanics to the game, so like some kind of cross between Rummy and Fluxx (But with set goals so it wouldn’t drag on like Fluxx does)

    for instance, maybe the Two of Set Collection would be “You may trade a card in your hand for one in another player’s set”, or the Five of Take That might be “If anyone picks up this card, they must trash a card from their hand.”

    It might be cool to pursue it from that angle. Maybe when you make a set, those cards are cleared from the board, which would keep things from getting too chaotic, but not in the strategy-breaking “Clear Everything” kind of way.