Episode 87: Co-Designs and Zombie Racers

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Practicing the Pitch:

Rob Pitches his Zombie Racing games


Episode 87: Co-Designs and Zombie Racers — 1 Comment

  1. Hey guys great episode. Co-designing can be tough, its really nice to have someone as invested as you in the project to bounce ideas off of, but at the same time when something comes up you don’t agree with, it can be hard to say something negative. The key is really good communication. If a rule change comes up you dont like, dont just say “Thats dumb, we’re not doing that” really think about it and explain why you don’t like it, if you don’t have a reason then why not try it, you may be surprised by what actually works.

    As far as your Zombie Race Game idea goes…Thats dumb, you’re not doing that. AH! I’m being funny because I’m contradicting what I just said! In all honesty, I think it sounds great, I love the idea of corporate sponsors too, you can really build a story around it. As much as I’m not a fan of “real time” games, the turtle racing that I have seen on tv always seems frantic and loud. In my head when you first described the theme I pictured chaos! Picture this, everyone has their Zombie in the middle, and everyone has 3 dice. Ready, set, GO! Players frantically roll and re-roll dice until they have a 3 of a kind in the number of the direction they want to go, as soon as you have all 3 you yell STOP! Everyone must freeze and all players move their zombie in the direction you move. Upgrades could make it so you only need a 2 of a kind, or maybe down to 1, meaning for every 4 I roll I move straight once since I have the upgrade on 4s. Anyways, just my thought I figured I would share and see what you thought.