Episode 80: EXPLODING BEER and Other Stuff

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Intro and Welcome:

Spoiler Alert: Exploding Beer.

Whatcha Been Playing?

Jason has been playing: Corridor

Rob has been playing: Drunken Comics

Feature of the Week:


Practicing the Pitch:

Jason Pitches Scrapyard Catz


Episode 80: EXPLODING BEER and Other Stuff — 1 Comment

  1. I was thinking about the scrapyard cats and building the theme. You could have a grid of cards 4×4 or 5×5 that are fail and win cards. when these cats successfully build a component they are able to look at 2 cards in the grid. This builds the theme because while they are working on it they are getting shocked and see a glimpse of the future. that is the reason why you know where the win cards are located at. it also means you could force the time travel at will as well.

    This builds the theme by having whacky win and fail cards. FAIL: you accidently accidently load your mouse with a dog brain. WIN: you pass the days playing with your robotic mouse.