Episode 67: WBW Kickstarter Postmortem and Maelstrom

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Intro and Welcome:

Rob starts the show with a failed segment.

Whatcha Been Playing?

Jason has been playing: Phantom of the Opera

Rob has been playing: Morels

Feature of the Week:

Water Balloon Washout Kickstarter Postmortem

Practicing the Pitch:

Rob pitches Maelstrom.


Episode 67: WBW Kickstarter Postmortem and Maelstrom — 3 Comments

  1. Hey guys! Digging the show, been listening for a couple weeks now.

    I really like the pitch for Maelstrom. A few ideas:
    1) A title that doesn’t appear to be taken is “Eye of the Storm” – no hits for that on BGG

    2) As far as the action selection, what do you think of having the placement be done blind, and then resolving the actions all at once? I’m thinking of something very similar to what Robo Rally does; everyone picks a sequence of actions which are locked in once everyone is ready.

    A big plus for that is theme – in a real ship battle, captains have no idea what the other captains will order their crews to do. instead of players being able to see what others plan to do before choosing their own actions, each player has to rely on instinct, tactics, and their knowledge of the other players to make the best choice.

    3) 3-4 workers sounds like a decent number, but with such a limited number, being able to kill another’s worker seems at first glance to hinder that player far too much. It might be better (and again more thematic) to give players a crew of 8-9 workers, but make actions cost several workers to complete. Players can still attack other crews, but the player who loses a crew member won’t be immediately knocked into last place by it.

    • I would say that ‘Eye of the Storm’ doesn’t quite work for this scenario because it’s a whirlpool and not a storm. However, if you made them into airships then that name could work 🙂

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