Bonus Episode 24: Gencon 2013 Podcasting 101 Panel — 1 Comment

  1. I am in for Gen Con 2012. I might even try and save for VIG access. Friday night Eric told me you had to leave early and that sucks.I had fun but did not do nelary as many things as I told you in our brief meetup on the showroom floor Thursday. I got in one demo, the Star Trek game (which I liked a lot) and watched a heck of a lot more games.I took a few pics, ticked off my friends, yelled at customer service and the Sagamore Ballroom people for screwing up my tourney experience for Conquest of Nerath. Got to play Legend of Drizzt for a second time that week on Friday night in the Adventure Game Challenge and we beat Artemis the Assassin.Played some magic with Eric and the others there. Yelled at friends because I wanted to do things my way, went to a few seminars like how to build a monster for D&D and the D&D Product Seminar for the next 7-9 months (lots of cool stuff there though I did miss the board game stuff)Got a free copy of the new Neverwinter D&D game book so cool there! Then walked around the show floor making mental notes of what I wanted but did not want to get at the con or I did not need right then and there.Next year I will want to stay at the Hyatt again since I am now a Gold Rewards member LOL. We also met some cool guys who were at the con and were Hyatt Employees who played Star Wars mini’s with my friends and became drinking buddies. Maybe a discount next year?When I got there on Wed night I felt like I had all the time in the world, but then Saturday was there and I definitely felt like I did nothing really exciting. I think next year I run D&D and volunteer my time.