Episode 61: Trading Time and Transylvanians

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Intro and Welcome:

Rob bought a Velociraptor.

Whatcha Been Playing?

Jason has been playing: Tessen

Rob has been playing: Saints Row: The Third

“Mechanic” of the Week:

Trading Time

Practicing the Pitch:

Jason Pitches the Transylvania Trading Company.


Episode 61: Trading Time and Transylvanians — 2 Comments

  1. Hearing you guys talk about timed turns and electronic gimmicks took me back to one of my favorite games Omega Virus. (yes, I’m an AmeriTrash junkie) Not only did you have to race against a countdown clock but the game itself would taunt you, as if a timer wasn’t stress enough.

    TTC sounds like a lot of fun. If you wanted to get a little weird with the name you could go with Carpathian Caravan! Maybe some of the “special goods” you can get from trading posts could be anti-monster cards like garlic, wolfsbane and torches (for Frankenstein monsters) that would let you either shuffle them into a bin on the table or pass it off on another player that doesn’t have protection from them.

  2. Had the thought while listening of combining the mechanic of the week with the pitch. What if you had a limited amount of time to dump the monsters in TTC? You have to trade them away within 3 minutes or they spoil the bin – something to that effect. The game then becomes a rush to take turns rapidly and make the best trades while under pressure. You can trade for cards (rats to feed the monsters? ropes to bind them?) that will give you extra time on the clock before that monster busts free.