Episode 58: Custom Dice and Dead Salesmen

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Intro and Welcome:

It’s time to start a Kickstarter!

Whatcha Been Playing?

Jason has been playing: King of Tokyo

Rob has been playing: UnEpic

“Mechanic” of the Week:

Custom Dice

Other Games we mentioned:

 Catan Dice

Castle Dice

Dwarven Miner


Practicing the Pitch:

Rob Pitches his Death of a Salesman Game.


Episode 58: Custom Dice and Dead Salesmen — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Guys,

    Jason, best of luck with your Kickstarter, I was officially backer number 14! I tried to jump in sooner but missed the initial Twitter announcement 🙁

    Rob, the salesman game with the added changes you guys discussed sounds great. I really like what Jason was saying about how many spaces over to the left or right when the salesman died determining your points. Looking forward to hearing more on this one.

  2. Interesting house rule for King of Tokyo. My husband and I actually like King of Tokyo 2 player with normal rules because it becomes a very strategic game. It’s less chaotic for sure, but then again we love euro games so it simulated a euro-style game with big movie monsters. So we have a blast with it.

    Castle Dice is a big box – with a lot of empty space. But I do enjoy the game and am hopeful that there will be expansions to fill up the emptiness. I wish their dice symbols were a little clearer.

    I really do enjoy custom dice as long as the symbols are simple and easy to differentiate from other symbols. That is an advantage of sticker dice. The downside of stickers is putting them onto the dice straight. Some people really hate stickers. So there are pros and cons for both kinds of custom dice.

    All of the Stone Age cups smell bad! Ugh! We used a cedar block to deodorize ours.

    Good luck with the Water Balloon Washout Kickstarter! I’ll be rooting for ya!

    I also really enjoy multi-purpose cards. One of our most popular prototypes has 3 choices per card and people really enjoy the challenge of choosing.

    Death of a Salesman sounds interesting, especially with what you’ve discussed to add to it. Death Takes a Holiday is a 1934’s movie. So you’ll have to be careful with the naming of your game because it is copyrighted. How about Dead End Job. Change the theme to corporate life since they’re in suits & dresses. If I understand it, the scale could be changed to range from like Desk Clerk to CEO. One player would want them to die in the low level jobs while the other wants them to die in the high level jobs. Hope this helps, and sorry if I didn’t quite understand your concept right.

    I really enjoyed this podcast. Thanks for the good listening. 😀