Episode 52: Hands Eyes and Explorers

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Intro and Welcome:

It’s been 1 year!!!

Snowball Fight Updates.

“Mechanic” of the Week:

Hand Eye Coordination

Other Games we mentioned:

Don’t Break the Ice


Maximum Throwdown




Practicing the Pitch:

Jason Pitches Explorers.


Episode 52: Hands Eyes and Explorers — 2 Comments

  1. Hey guys, Thanks for the kind words again.

    Rob, I am sorry I dissed your Duck vs Alligator game and your Chess Legacy game. They can’t all be winners (and believe me most of mine aren’t). If it makes you feel any better, Frankenstein’s legacy is looking beautiful so far, I saw your unboxing video and was very impressed.

    Jason, Grandma…I mean Explorers, sounds neat. This is a much better theme for the mechanics. I agree that the title isn’t quite there (naming games is harder than it should be!). None of these are golden, but maybe one of them “Isn’t Bad” and it will grow on you. World Explorers, Globe Getters, Treasure Trackers, Distant Treasures.

    Also its good to hear you are moving forward with Snowball Fight in its new form, you have a backer already! (psst I was referring to myself)

  2. Hey,

    Congratulations on (over) a year of podcasting. Here’s to many more!

    I wanted to comment on the mechanic of the week. I’ve never been a fan of dexterity games although I played Jenga a couple of times and it was fun. I prefer my board games to make use of my mind rather than my dexterity, especially that I play in rather small groups of up to 6 people. Dexterity games are more fit for larger parties and/or conventions, in my opinion. I test my physical abilities, concentration and dexterity playing tennis 😉

    Good idea retheming the Snowball Fight but I really enjoyed Flip Florey’s idea of making it a pie throwing game 😉 On the other hand, more people are freaked out by clowns than water balloons so that could be marketing suicide…

    The unboxing video was interesting although I hope it’s possible to make it higher-res next time. It was really hard to see the details in the cards and especially the board. I had a look at some pictures you posted on Twitter and it all looks really nice but there’s one thing that didn’t work for me. The background is a bit too… fleshy? I get that it’s thematic but, for example, the stitches blend with the background a little bit and the card looks a little bit too empty. As far as the colors go, maybe it’s the video quality, they didn’t look all that bad. Going with a high contrast makes the game feel like something comic-like or out of this world. That being said, the woman’s face was somewhat too patchy. Still, I wouldn’t go down with the contrast too low.

    Sounds like the Explorer game needs more elements that allow you to reroll or somehow influence the rolls. Or you’re jest horrible dice players and that’s what happens 😉

    Again, good luck with the designs and looking forward to the next episode.