Episode 47: Brian Liberge and Ante

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Intro and Welcome:

Guest Host Brian Liberge joins us!

Whatcha been playing?:

Brian has been playing: Ascension and Super Hero Squad


“Mechanic” of the Week:

Accidental Roleplaying

Other Games we mentioned:



Practicing the Pitch:

Brian pitches Ante.

Check out Brian here:


Kobold Press

Beer Star Games

Raging Swan Press

RPG Circus Podcast



Episode 47: Brian Liberge and Ante — 2 Comments

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  2. Hey guys,

    You didn’t butcher my name last time – no worries! I’m going to stick with posting here rather than on Facebook 😉

    Just some comments concerning the topic of the week. Gaming should be about having fun, laughing and enjoying yourself. Even as little kids when we were playing with our fire engines or Batmobiles or Legos, we were building a different world and acting it out. We were the firefighter, Batman or the LEGO pirates and policemen. Roleplaying is an integral part of the gaming experience and it started with the most basic toys. That’s why I think that a game that doesn’t evoke any feelings of being part of the world it’s creating, isn’t really doing it job that well.

    Even the more complicated euro games with lots of cubes, trading and counting, should feel at least a little bit thematic to distinguish them from all the others. When I’m playing King of Tokyo, I AM Pandakai and I AM the King of Tokyo. When I’m laying my trains in Ticket to Ride, I am building a real railroad. Even when I’m building my power plants in Power Grid, I’m not just putting wooden elements on a cardboard board. It’s more than that.

    Hope that makes sense 😉