Bonus Episode 13: Potent Potions Playtest — 1 Comment

  1. Hey guys, great bonus episode, it was a little tough to keep track since a lot was going on, but hey 6 adults, a kid and a dog what else would one expect.

    It was great to hear a playtest like this with some of the players being less into or aware of board game mechanics in general (such as confusion with d20, not understanding the strategy to win, the same questions coming up multiple times) not only is it helpful to you to see where issues lie, its nice to hear that other designs go through this as well. I often playtest my games early on with “non gamers” (like my wife and sister)and sometimes I find that to be more revealing than I expect.

    Anyways I’m sure you have thought of alternate scoring by now, but the idea that popped in my head was a single board with spaces 1-20 and pawns to represent players action points (think carcassone). Your game seems imperative that others can instantly tell how many action points everyone has left and by having a single collective area where everyone is constantly referencing I think that would be better than individual score trackers. I’m actually using this for my current game and its going well. This could be a standard board, the back of the box, or if you have extra cards, put some together to make a larger score sheet.

    The game sounds pretty solid so far overall, I agree with the points brought up that the theme doesn’t lend it self to the party game crowd as much right now. The art could help sell it though.

    Rambling, I know, but i figured I would toss out my thoughts fresh after listening.