Bigfoot Game

Bigfoot Game
Players are sasquatches teasing bigfoot hunters for fun.  They must alternately dare each other to do certain things, then when the player ends the dares, he tries to pull them off.  If he succeeds, he earns points for the successful actions.  He then loses points for actions he didn’t attempt.  If he fails, all points are lost on that turn.  If a player fails 3 times over the course of a game, the hunter catches him.  This is a press-your-luck game played with a deck of cards, similar to blackjack.  4 to 6 players.
The deck contains cards numbered 2 to 10.  Each number is a different way of teasing a hunter.  This could be anything from throwing acorns, to leaving footprints, to appearing in a film.  On the first turn, player 1 is dealt 2 cards, one face up and one face down that only he can see.  The other players draw 5 cards each.  Player 1 now chooses whether to stick with the two cards he has, or ask for a dare.  If he asks for a dare, then player 2 picks a card from his hand and places it down in front of player 1.  Player one continues to decide if he wants another dare and can continue around the table as often as he wants, building an increasingly long string of dares until he calls stop.  Player 1 then has to put down his final card to complete the string of dares.
Now Player 1 must roll a die against a modifier on each card to see if he can succeed at each dare.  As soon as he fails one, his turn is over.
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  1. This could easily be re-skinned as Alien abductor/experimenters vs. X-File-esque investigators!