This game is designed as part of the OSC System that Rob designed.

In this 2 player board game players assume the role of Augmenters, people who add steampunk attachments and weapons to human fighters and then control them as they attempt to destroy one another.

The goal of the game is to destroy your opponents three power sources, which are conveniently mounted on a wall within an arena.  To achieve this goal players control fighters who enter the arena and battle one another all while trying to defend your own power sources.

Each turn players get a set number of action points which allow them to do any of the following:

1. Add an Augment to a fighter:  This involves playing two cards as in the OSC system.  One card is an augment while the other gives the numerical bonus value.

2. Move a fighter in play.

3. Make an attack.

4. Use a special augment ability.

Each action has a different action point cost.

Players may have up to four fighters in play at any given time.

The board in this game is setup primarily as an arena but there are also sections on the side to track the hit points of your fighters and your power sources.

I’m still in the process of really going through this pitch and will give updates and many more details as I work this all out.


All ideas presented here are the property of the Building the Game Podcast.


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  1. You’d have to be careful to make this feel aesthetically different from Robo Rally, and I’m not sure the OSC system is necessary for this game idea, but I’m all in on augmentable steampunk arena fighters!