Conspiracy Theory Game

Conspiracy Theory Game

 In this board game, each player controls a team of “Researchers” who are “experts” in their fields.  Their goal is to sway public opinion in their respective fields.  The game ends when a player can max out the public opinion on two of the fields that they are researching.

The board is setup as a map of the world.  It contains dozens of locations where players can research their theories and also places where they can speak about their theories.  The board also tracks the public opinion on all theories.  This is done using tokens that represent each unique area of study.

Each area of study is represented by a card.  At the beginning of the game two cards are passed out to each player.  During the game they can purchase more areas by getting cards from the play deck.  Only one player may research any given area of study during the game.

Fields of Research:

Flat earth

Moon landing was faked


JFK Assassination



 Play deck card types:




Bonuses (money, speaking invites and bonuses, deck search, new fields of research)


During the game players will draw new researchers that they can put into play.  Each of these researchers has a general area of expertise, i.e. Crytpozoology, Conspiracies, Paranormal, etc.  These areas will cover more than one field of research.

Players earn money each turn based on the credibility of their researchers and also the public’s opinion of their theories.


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