Filth Ranch

“The Filth Ranch”

You are a college student living in an apartment with your friends.  You have affectionately nicknamed your apartment the “Filth Ranch” because of the garbage that has accumulated.  But the one day your landlord calls.  He’s coming that afternoon for an inspection, and if he sees this you’re all going to get evicted.  Better clean that up as fast as you can or you’re out on the street!


Game Board featuring four bedrooms and a communal living room/kitchenette, laid out with a square grid.

Deck of cards: Each card identifies a Room (bedroom, living room, kitchenette) and a Filth type (food, paper, dirt, etc.)

1 Phone call card

1 Landlord card.

Filth Tiles: Enough tiles to cover the board in various kinds of filth matching the types on the cards.

1 d10

1 custom d6

 Playing the game:

In the first half of the game you are trying to place as many Filth Tiles as possible into the communal areas or your roommates’ bedrooms.  Eventually the Phone call card will come up.

When the Landlord calls, roll the d6.  This will tell you what kind of mood he seems to be in.  Good, Neutral or Bad.  This will affect his judgment at the end of the game.  Now proceed into the second half.

In the second half of the game you are trying to clean up as fast as you can.  You have to work together to clean up the communal areas, because if that is too dirty you’re all getting evicted.  Also, if you all pass the eviction test, whoever has the cleanest room is the winner.  You keep cleaning until the Landlord card comes up.

When the Landlord card comes up, you roll the d10 and add the Mood modifier from before.  A good mood gives you a +2 to the number.  A neutral mood doesn’t change anything.  A bad mood gives you a -2 to the number (can’t go below zero).  This is his tolerance level.  If you have more than that number of Filth tiles left in the communal area, you all lose.  If you pass that, then whoever has the cleanest room wins.


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