Episode 24: Board Modularity and Pinball Wizardy

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Intro and Welcome:

We announce the winner of our first contest!

Whatcha been playing?:

Jason has been playing: Dominion, Can’t Stop

Rob has been playing: Mansions of Madness


“Mechanic” of the Week:

Modular Boards


Other Games we mentioned:


Euro Rails

Great Heartland Hauling Co.

Lords of Waterdeep



Settlers of Catan

Small World

Stone Age

Ticket to Ride

Practicing the Pitch:

Jason pitches a Pinball Board Game.



City Hall Kickstarter

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Episode 24: Board Modularity and Pinball Wizardy — 4 Comments

    • Robert,

      You can actually download the show as an MP3 by right clicking on download and doing a save target as.


      • For some reason the download link isn’t showing up on mobile for me but it is on the full website so I think I’m good now.

        Thanks Jason

  1. Hey guys, a little late to the party on this. But have you looked into Thunderstone? Its a deck-building game very similar to Dominion. You recruit heroes to your team by buying them from the village and each hero can be upgraded to level 2 and 3 from its previous level. However once all the Level 1s are gone you can then buy the Level 2 heroes below them for slightly more money. Might be something to look at for your Pinball game, I do like the idea of trying to shuffle variations into the shop decks.

    Great Episode, ~Danny