Frankenstein’s Legacy

Frankenstein’s Legacy
2 to 4 players
Frankenstein’s Legacy is a deck building card game.  Players take on the role of ethically-challenged scientists in the 1970’s who have discovered the journals of Dr. Henry Frankenstein.  They are now competing with each other to see who can be the first to re-create Dr. Frankenstein’s work and give life to their own Monster.
The game has a series of small card decks laid face up and available for purchase, much like other deck building games.  These cards are of several types:
Bolts – Used to assemble parts of the Monster
Electricity – Used to shock life into the Monster and Body Parts
Lab Equipment – Used to test Body Parts before assembly
Currency – Used to purchase Lab Equipment and Assistants
Assistants – Hired to obtain Body Parts
The game also features one larger deck of Body Parts cards, shuffled and placed face down.  When an Assistant is played, they draw a card from this deck.
The first phase of the game is played by collecting these cards, outfitting your laboratory, hiring assistants, and obtaining body parts.  Eventually the players will need to Test their body parts on their Workbench game board.  In order to test a body part, you must connect it to a piece of equipment and shock it, then roll a die.  Compare the result on the die with a modifier calculated from the cards on your workbench.  If you succeed, then that body part is viable and can be installed on your Operating Table game board.  If that roll fails, everything goes back into your deck.
Eventually the player will have built an entire body on their Operating Table, consisting of two arms, two legs, a torso, a head, a heart and a brain.
The first player to assemble a full body and shock it to life is the winner.


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