Aliens on a Space Ship Game

A coopetitive board game for 1-4 players.

You are on a spaceship and it is being attacked by aliens.  You must work with the other players to get to an escape pod before the aliens break in a kill you.  Unfortunately, there is only room for one person in the escape pod.

The board is setup like a spaceship with many winding corridors separated by airlocks.  Each airlock has a color and requires a code to open it.  Each player has five cards that contain the codes to open certain airlock colors among other things, such as an armory and a room containing space suits or tools.

The idea is that no player would have the ability to reach the escape pod without the help of other players.

Each turn in the game the aliens are trying to burrow into the ship.  Once they have succeeded in breaching the layers of the hull, they start moving towards and eventually attacking the nearest player.

Actions would be based on an action point system that involves options like moving, attacking, using a code, blowing an airlock.  There would also be a damage system that would track your loss of abilities as you are damaged by other players, aliens or even lack of oxygen from hull breaches.

The game would also incorporate the ability to play several different scenarios.


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