Conservator VS Developer

In this two player board game, one player takes the role of the Conservator, trying to build locations that earn money based on the nature of the land and the other plays as the Developer who tries to build up businesses that destroy the land.

The winner is the person at the end of the game who has more areas occupied with their types of locations.  The game ends when all locations are conserved or developed or one player has no more legal moves.

The board is made up of 36 areas that are all interconnected with one another.  Each area represents a piece of land that is a different natural feature.  Some areas are plains with Elk Herds or Mountains or lakes or rivers and the like.

On one side of the board there is an area that is a Wilderness park.  On the other side there is a small town.  The Conservator and Developer start in thier matching location.

Each player has a deck of cards made of actions and locations that represent the flavor of their faction.  The Developer focuses on earning more money and monopolizing the board.  The Conservator uses actions that slow down the developer while building cheaper and smaller locations.

Example Cards: 

Conservator Locations: Mountain hiking, Backwater Fishing sanctuary, Hiking trails, Elk Viewing

Conservator Actions: Chained to a tree, Demand a survey, Monkey wrench, great benefactor


Developer Locations: Resort, Power boat rentals, Souvenir Shop, Casino

Developer Actions: Call in a favor, bank loan, burn it down, new investor

At the start of each turn players earn money based on the locations they have built.  They use this money to play cards and build new locations.  Each location built earns money every turn.  Players may play actions at anytime, provided they have the money to do so.

Money is tracked with tokens.


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