Shop Class

Shop Class is a dice game for 2 to 4 players.  In the game, players compete to build as many projects in their high school wood shop class as they can.  Each project much be assembled from different parts, which are all made with power tools.  But watch out!  If you’re not careful you could lose a finger!
Each player begins with 10 finger cards and a selection of class projects.  Each project must be assembled using 2 to 4 different parts like a spindle, a mortis and tenon, or a dovetail.  Players collect these parts by rolling 6 dice and trying to get matches.
On their turn, the player rolls 6 dice.  They can then choose up to 3 to set aside and re-roll the remaining dice.  Any matched pairs of parts mean the player has successfully created that part.  But if the player matches 3 saw blades, they lose a finger!
Play continues with each player assembling their projects until someone loses all ten fingers.
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