Episode 13: No Wins and Severed Fingers

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Intro and Welcome:

Lessons learned at Gencon.


Whatcha been playing?:

Jason has been playing: Smash Up, Dread, Jungle Ascent, Great Heartland Hauling Co.

Rob has been playing: Castellan, DivinareMars Needs Mechanics

Mechanic of the Week:

No Win Scenarios

Other games we mentioned:

Forbidden Island

Red November

Sentinels of the Multiverse


Heap (Pic of the “busy” card)

 Zombie Dice

Practicing the Pitch:

Rob pitches Shop Class.


Random Shout outs:










The Bead and Bangle 

The Balloon Sculptor



Episode 13: No Wins and Severed Fingers — 1 Comment

  1. I really do hope Rob gets to be a big enough game designer that the Toilet Wars game becomes a reality. I laughed so many times during that segment I can only imagine the potential for a fun and funny game play.