Damsels in Distress

Competitive, Cooperative or Solitaire card game for 1 to 4 players

The sinister Baron Totter Von Fink is up to his old tricks again!  He’s kidnapped dozens of innocent maidens and put them into increasingly bizarre and deadly predicaments simply for his own amusement!  It’s up to you, the Hero to save these poor Damsels from certain death.  And like any good champion of justice, you’ve got to save them just in the nick of time!

In Damsels in Distress the players each take on the role of a Hero trying to save the Damsels from certain death just as their Dangers count down to zero.  Each Damsel card is randomly paired with a Danger card.  On every turn those Dangers count down toward zero, and death for the poor Damsel.  As the Heroes the players must play their cards strategically to push those counts up or down, hopefully bringing the coutn to zero before the end of their turn so they can save the Damsel.

The game is usually played competitively with each Hero focused on his own score, and any dead Damsels counting against him.  The game can also be played cooperatively, with all Heroes working together to save all of the Damsels.  You can even play it on your own as a solitaire game, running one Hero back and forth to rescue all of the poor maidens and foiling the Baron’s plans.

Game Features:

40 unique Damsels to save
25 unique Dangers to face
4 different decks of 7 Hero cards
1 bonus Villain deck – play as the Baron!

– Rob

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