Kingdom Seasons

A board game for 2-4 players.

Throughout the game players earn prestige.  At the end of the game the Kingdom with the highest prestige wins.  The game ends when the final season card is flipped.

Each player controls a kingdom which is represented by a castle.

Your game board would have your castle and surrounding lands on it.  The boards would be double sided so that you could choose which one you wanted, it would mean up to 8 choices for your castle.  The boards would be designed to match up with each other in the middle.

The goal is for your Kingdom to take over the world and become the Grand Emperor by any means necessary.  War, spies, alliances, intrigue all of these could be mechanics.

Each Kingdom is better at different things and has different assets and different favored seasons and different speciality commodities.

Key Mechanics:

Season Cards:  Every so many turns you reveal a new season card and it tells what the next season will be like. For instance seasons of war, famine, plague, love, insurrection, magic, valor and the like.  These cards change everything in the game when they are shown, market prices, travel times and more.  When the last season passes the game ends.

Commodities: There will be several types of commodities in the game, including Horses, Weapon, Food, Magic, people, etc.

Marketplace: The marketplace is a central location that you can trade commodities.  The commodities are limited to what has been traded in and what has been stocked based on season.

Land Claiming: Commodities can also be taken tribes and villages within the kingdoms.  To do this you would either have to forcibly takeover the area or by bribing the people there.

– Jason

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