Monster Pageant

Competitive card game for 2 to 4 players
In this Rummy-style game each player takes on the roll of a horrifying monster, competing in a beauty pageant to see who can be crowned foulest of them all!  Tear, claw, maul and chomp as hard as you can to collect as many accessories as possible to make your creature the prettiest.  In the end, whoever wins the most events (swimsuit, talent, eveningwear, etc.) will be crowed Miss Monster!

Game features:

Eight different monsters to choose from:  Vampire, Mummy, Ghost, Ogre, MerMaid, Succubus, and more!
Eight Pageant Events:  Swimsuit, Talent, Eveningwear, Interview, Cage Fight, Peasant Hunt, and more!
Dozens of accessories to wear:  French Manicured Claws, Necklace of Severed Fingers,
Razor-Sharp Stiletto Heels, Thorned Tiara, and many many more!
Just because you’re a monster doesn’t mean you can’t be beautiful too!
– Rob
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