Par for the Course

Par for the Course is designed to be a fun family game where your goal is to build miniature golf holes and then play through them getting the lowest score possible.  The game can either be played competitively, as a solo game, trying to beat par or as co-op game trying to collectively beat par.

This is a tile board game for 2-6 players.

The game ends after either 9 or 18 holes.

The winner is the player with the lowest score.

Each turn tiles are used to build a miniature golf hole made up of a starting tile, 6-8 course tiles and a hole tile.

Components: (Proposed)

72 square tiles

8 Character cards

40 putting cards

6 golf ball tokens

1 golf score pad


Key mechanics:

Building: To build a golf hole each player will have a pool of 7 tiles to choose from that other players cannot see.  From there the tee off tile get placed and players take turns laying down tiles to a total of 6-8 depending on the number of players.  Finally, the hole tile is placed.

Characters: Each player will use a different character that has their own deck of 5 cards to help them putt the ball.

Putting: To putt, the player rolls 1D6 and then plays up to 2 of the cards from their character deck.  They then take that total and they “Count” the tiles to see where their ball lands.

Tiles: Each tile has a different value from -3 all the way up to +6.  To get throw a tile the player’s putting score (1D6 + the cards they play) must equal or exceed that value.  Once they player’s ball reaches a tile that they cannot beat, the ball stops there.

Please let me know your thoughts!

– Jason

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