Competitive tile-based game for 2 to 6 players.

The universe is big.  VERY big.  Getting from place to place can take some time.  That’s where you come in.  You’re an alien with a fleet of flying saucers.  Your job is to tunnel wormholes through the fabric of space itself, making interstellar travel easier, safer and faster.  And any time you can gather some energy by swinging those wormholes past and around nearby planets and stars, well, that’ll just make the trip that much faster.

In Wormholes, players take turns placing hexagon-shaped tiles on the table, building paths through space.  Wormholes are completed by closing each end with a portal, which allows entry and exit for travelers.  Points are awarded based on the total length of the wormhole (1 point for each tile).

Additional features:

Planets: The gravity of a planet can give anyone traveling through a nearby wormhole a speed boost, also increasing your score for a completed wormhole.
Stars: The incredible gravity of a star will give an even bigger speed boost, giving you an even bigger increase in your score for a completed wormhole.
Nebulas: Nebulas drain energy from your wormhole and spread it into space. Points are lost if your wormhole passes through a nebula.  But a player may also choose to commit one of his saucers to collecting that diffused energy, and in the end gain a bonus.
Improving the Interstellar Infrastructure one Wormhole at a time!
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Wormholes — 1 Comment

  1. You can’t change one aspect of a well established game and call it game design.

    This pitch is… “let’s take Carcassonne, give it a space theme, change the square tiles to hex and call it our idea.

    Please come up with more original ideas if you’re going to claim intellectual property. This game would end up in court much sooner than it would end up being published.

    Love the show, love the podcast concept, but this idea was not yours. You guys might need to spend some more time playing games before you jump into design.