Bike Messengers

You are a bike messenger trying to deliver packages in a crazy city.  Your job is to do whatever it takes to make deliveries, even if it means stealing from other messengers and going through dangerous construction zones.  Just try not to crash!

This is a board game for 2-6 players.

The game ends when all deliveries have been made.

The winner is the player with most points from deliveries and gear.

The board consists of 72 hex tiles with each tile being two inches in diameter.  At the beginning of the game, the tiles are randomly placed in the 12 x 6 grid.  Each tile contains 1-2 buildings on average but some contain construction zones, one way streets and other obstacles.

Components: (Proposed)

72 Hex tiles

36 Delivery cards

72 Ride cards

36 Gear Cards

6 bike tokens

2 Custom D6’s

Key mechanics:

Deliveries: These cards are flipped over to the side of the board.  They have a pickup location and a delivery location.  The first player to reach the pick up point can take the delivery card.  They then must get to the delivery in a set number of turns without losing the package.  There is always one less delivery card in play than players in the game.  Players receive points for every delivery they complete.  Each delivery is worth a different number of points.

Gear: Getting gear allows you to move faster and more safely and also make some deliveries others couldn’t.

Stealing: Because there is always a shortage of packages, players are encouraged to steal from one other.

Card Types: (Rough Draft)

Ride: These are all the moves players can make as they travel through the city.  Moves include speed boosts, stealing from others and navigating through construction sites.  These are modified by rolling dice to determine your distance travelled per turn.

Deliveries: These are set deliveries between two buildings worth a set number of points.  Because the board is random, this can make some high point deliveries very easy and some hard deliveries could have very low payoffs.

Gear: Enhancements to your bike that you get as rewards for making deliveries.

Please let me know your thoughts!

– Jason

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