Zombie Card Game

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse?  This game aims to answer that question!  To survive in this hostile environment you will have to balance defending your hideout with gathering food and other supplies and still you must deal with the ever-growing horde of zombies trying to get into your hideout and eat your brains.  Each turn involves splitting survivors between, defending/enhancing the hideout, clearing out zombies around your hideout and sending out scouts to find new supplies and survivors.

This card game is designed for 2-4 players.

The game ends when there is only on player alive with at least one survivor within their hideout!

Components: (Proposed)

100 Zombie cards

24 Hideout cards

24 Survivor cards

100 Scout cards

4 D20’s

4 D6’s

Key mechanics:

Food: Each turn you will need to feed your survivors out of your food stores, if at any time you run out one of your survivors will die.  You start with a small amount of food and must send out scouts to collect more.

Being Wounded:  If one of your survivors is wounded by a zombie then you must decide whether to keep the survivor and chance infection or if you should just discard the survivor from play.  If you choose to keep the survivor then you will have to make a roll to determine if they turn into a zombie.  If they do then you must defend against them while they attempt to eat the other survivors in your hideout.  If however they pass the roll and do not turn, they survive and continue on as normal.

Card Types: (Rough Draft)

Hideouts:  There are several unique hideouts in the game.  Each one provides different strengths and weaknesses.  Each hideout has a number of slots for adding enhancements.  These items may be defenses, Food growth or other things as well.  At the start of the game you draw 4 hideouts and then choose one to be your hideout.  Examples: Police Station, Church and the Outdoor Adventures Store.

Survivors: There are 24 unique survivor cards in the game.  Each possesses different skills and attributes for attacking and defending against zombies.  At the start of the game each player randomly draws 3 survivors.  Examples: Survivalist, Riot Cop, Horror Film Geek, Lumberjack and Mailman.

Zombies: The game will contain a large deck of Zombie cards.  Each zombie will have a base attack and some will have special skills that make them more or less dangerous.  Examples: Wandering Zombie, Buff Zombie and Legless Zombie.

Hideout Enhancements: These help you make your hideout more defendable or increase food supply among other things.  Without enhancements your hideout will not stand a chance at holding back the zombie horde that keeps growing outside.  Examples: Barbed Wire, Wooden Fence, Cow and Bulldozer.

Weapons: These can be equipped by your survivors to help them defend your hideout, fight zombies and also scout.  Examples: Meat Cleaver, Golf Club, Machine gun and Flamethrower.

Action Cards: These allow you to do many different things and can be played during the action phase of any player.  Some of the cards help you while some hurt other players.  Examples: Food Shortage, Mutiny, Die Hard and Go Dark.

Additional: When scouting you can also come across extra food, marauders, or other survivors as well.

Please let me know your thoughts!

– Jason

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