Royalty Free!

Jason and I had our first fight today.  Some naughty words were used.  A few dishes were thrown and smashed.  I had to pause what I was watching on Netflix for a minute.  It was rough.  But we made it through, and are stronger for it.  You may be asking, “Oh my goodness, Rob!  What on earth could have upset you so much??”  I’ll tell you:


You see, Jason and I have different tastes in music.  I like good music.  He doesn’t.  I guess that’s pretty much all I need to say.  But specifically we were trying to find a piece of music to use when opening and closing the show.  I spent a few days working with FL Studio to try and make something on my own, but I’m no musician.  Everything came out sounding awful.  My only option left (translated: I got frustrated and gave up) was to Google “Royalty Free Music”.  And my oh my, what a treasure trove!

Long story short:  We settled on a piece by Kevin MacLeod from his website, Incompetech.  It’s called “One-Eyed Maestro”.  And in keeping with the creative commons license he listed on his site, I wanted to give credit where credit is due.  We’re really happy with the track we’ve chosen, but everything he’s got there is fantastic.  The guy’s range is amazing.  The possibilities for ambient music to play during an RPG session is limitless!

So if you’re curious, find “One-Eyed Maestro” on there and give it a listen.  Or wait until our first episode debuts soon and discover it along with us.



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